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Congratulations to our lucky winner, Laurie W from Illinois

The sweepstakes has now ended but don’t despair. Thanks to Qantas, you can create your own customised Australian adventure, starting off in one of our Australian capital cities and see more for less.

Australia is full of endless experiences. But don’t take our word for it. Meet the Qantas Explorers who highlight the best of Australia and demonstrate how easy it is to get around with Qantas’ comprehensive domestic network.

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Fly to Australia with Qantas and get domestic flights at a reduced rate

If you're flying Down Under, you'll want to make the most of your time there, and Qantas Explorer can take you further. Create your own customized Australian adventure, starting off in one of our Australian capital cities. From here you can fly to more than 30 Australian destinations, including over 80 routes and see more of Australia for less. To access Qantas Explorer fares, select multi-city in the booking engine.

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There's so much to see and do in Australia, just one visit is not enough. No matter what type of vacation you prefer, Australia has something for everyone. Don't take our word for it. We’re sending five #QantasExplorers to Australia to experience it for themselves. Click below to meet the Qantas Explorers and see where they’re going.

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Take our quiz to find out which Australian destinations you should have on your itinerary!

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